Weird green "fog" error in editor

Hey all,

We recently updated our game to 4.24 and have been getting this weird looking “fog” error in the editor viewport, it appears almost as checker shaped 3d cubes of fog always bright green. This doesn’t show up in game when playing but only in editor, the severity of the fog varies from level to level. The screen shots are a less extreme example but some levels are covered in it to the point you can’t see what you are doing.

It seems to be related to volumetric fog, toggling it off will remove most of the green error but there will still be areas around the level that look like the second screen shot. Less intense weird fog areas and foilage that is highlighted a bright green. I can’t seem to pin down exactly what is causing it. It’s also somewhat intermittent as saving and reloading the level will sometimes cause it to go away but that doesn’t always work.

Has anyone else experienced this or can point me in a direction to a possible resolution? Much thanks in advance!