Weird Glow on Arrow Component in Packaged Game.

I have added an arrow component to my main pawn to indicate the direction it is facing. My pawns are not human, they are just spheres and cubes so for now I need a way to make facing direction clear.

I have the arrow component set a Visible in Game and everything works fine when I run standalone or in PIE.

The issue is when I run a packaged game. When I do this I get this super bright glow around the arrow component. I do not have any post processing going on at all. The red glow is extremely bright and annoying. I have tested with arrows of other colors and the glow always matches the arrow color.

Any ideas? I’ve tested this on a brand new project using the third person template and attaching an arrow and I get the same results.

Tried to attach screenshot but keep getting database error.


I also would be interested to see the answer, since I have the same problem.

Apparently it’s a known defect. See my answer hub for the official text: