Weird Glitch on Grass

Hello, I am a bit new to Unreal and anything art related in general. I have been watching a lot of video tutorials and trying to get up to speed in general, but I encountered a weird issue that I have not yet been able to tackle. My grass is getting this weird black flickering glitch, and I have been able to determine that ONLY grass on a slope is having this issue. Grass on a flat surface does not have this problem. Here is a video showing the problem. The video quality is a bit lower than I thought it would be, but the black flickers should still be obvious, especially when I zoom in (and not to be confused with the wind that darkens parts of the grass).

Sorry if this is a newbie question, I just don’t even know what this issue is (assuming it could very well be a common mistake).



Your image doesn’t show up.
Sorry, try reuploading.