Weird flickering reflection on rough metal

Hi experts :slight_smile:

I am very new in Unreal so be easy on me please :smiley:
I tried to adjust settings and googled this issue but couldn’t find any good solution just yet. I have an image attached where you can see my problem. It doesn’t happen to look the same from other angles. If I move closer the reflection look better. Is there any settings so I could avoid that problem? Any help would be very much appreciated.

That’s the result of screen space reflections, since you can’t see the back of the lamp from that angle it’s got artifacts in the screen space reflections which can only reflect surfaces that are currently visible.

Hi, thanks for the reply. So, you think I should put a reflection sphere between the the objects so it would cover that area more precisely? And it would worth to put extra spheres for areas like that metal object to be on the safe side?

Even though I put an extra reflection sphere between the fireplace and lamp the same issue I got. Could anyone suggest a solution for this please?