Weird falloff from direct light with automotive shaders?

I added a standard SunSky to my scene, however the falloff or what is it called is giving weird results on a standard sphere (the diagonal parting on each sphere) with Unreal’s Automotive materials. What is going on?

It’s happening with all shaders by the way…

edit: hmm it is the shadow component. It still looks wrong imho?

I’ve encountered the same problem, and another issue similar to it, in new projects. The similar issue is in the material editor where half of the preview sphere is becoming translucent or getting super overexposed (which mostly removes the material applied in that half of the sphere). I’ve seen the dark / light parting on the starter chairs too, at their lower back at ground level part. However, it’s possible the automotive materials are intentionally rendered that way to display a dark and a light version of the color.