Weird circle of light even in Blank Project.


I am getting this weird circle of light effect which is affecting only the objects inside it while everything outside behaves strangely. For instance emissive light material is working ok on different meshes inside and outside the circle but reflection sphere reflects only on the meshes inside the circle (i made the radiuse huge, so sphere is not a problem). Also i have attached the screenshot where i turned off all the volumes, lights and reflection. and you still can see that eveything is black except the inside of the circle. the floor is combination of small planes 200x200, you can see the shape on the screenshot with emissive material on them.

Also, i created new BLANK project and still see similar effect there.

Please help!

Thank you in advance!


nevermind, it seems to be pre baked lighting that goes with the standard projects. once you re-build the lighting with different light sources the circle goes.