Weird camera twitching in Matinee or Sequencer

Hi, I experience an issue with camera actor both in Matinee and in Sequencer. When I animate a camera movement from one point to another, the track becomes a broken line for some reason. In result I get a twitching camera. I though it could be collision issues, but all objects in my scene have collisions turned off. What could be the problem? Here is a short video showing that weird twitching and a curve screenshot.
I found out it’s jittering X and Y movement tracks. Everything else is smooth.


And here is another video, in Matinee this time. Notice how broken the curve becomes for some weird reason. If I make it linear - it’s fixed then. But if I want to leave it at “auto” with tangents - it’s all broken even if I apply “auto” after making it “linear”.

Also, I did the same thing in 4.10 and I’m pretty sure it was working well. So it’s probably a 4.11-4.12 new bug.
Also, I just tested the reverse thing - Camera stayed in one position and I move the mesh around instead. Same things happens - but now mesh is jittering and its curve is broken.

I solved the issue, to everyone. Check your dimensions. It appears that my mesh was extra tiny.