Weird behavior for collision and animation with paper2D

So I’m making a 2D game with Unreal, and im currently making melee attacks for the enemy AI. Two things:

  1. collision that makes the health go down only happens SOMETIMES. its very strange and basically at random it’ll decide to take into account that im in the collision box. this is very strange. it’d be easier to debug if it wasn’t for the second problem:

  2. setting flip books doesn’t work at all except for the two movement flipbooks I have. its very weird, considering its the same exact thing copied to a different blueprint and different animation. its not the animation because when I switch the ones for movement to them, it works. it doesn’t work for the melee attacks for the enemy, and it doesn’t work for the shooting action of the player. The bullets actually fire and the animation returns true (for the player side of things)

on a side note, does anyone know how to mirror an animation after you import it? I imported a bunch of them and I don’t want to have to re edit them (they’re oriented in the wrong way)

tell me any pics you need

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