Weird behavior between collision sphere and pawn overlap

Currently I have a third person template blueprint project. I created a blueprint based on Actor and added a collision sphere. The collision sphere is set to simulate physics with enabled gravity and overlap pawns while ignoring everything else. It is set to a custom object channel which defaults to ignore. The player is set to overlap this channel.

The problem is that when the sphere overlaps the player it affects physics. As in if the player runs into the sphere as its falling the sphere will be pushed around or even freeze on top of the player if it falls on his head. It isn’t exact either as the player will enter the sphere a bit before it begins affecting physics.

I assume this isn’t intended behavior as they both are set to only overlap each other. The problem disappears if generate overlap events is unchecked on either the player capsule or the collision sphere, which isn’t ideal as I need to generate overlap events in this situation.

I think i’ve seen this weird behavior too… in my case it had a skeletal mesh simulating physics, and wanted to generate an overlap event for it, so when i checked Generate Overlap Events, it started pumping out warnings that the Skeletal Mesh had to have Simulate Physics enabled if i would like to AddImpulse. And i don’t specifically call any AddImpulse.

Turning it off, makes it behave correctly without any warnings, but then i don’t get my events. This was in 4.11 btw, so maybe it’s something STAFF should look at. If needed i can provide an example project to look at to reproduce this.