Weird AO?

Hey people! I’ve got a fully dynamic scene, with LPV turned on, force no precomputed lighting, directional light and a skybox/atmospheric fog. I also have dynamic indirect lighting on my directional light. Here are my AO settings :


LPV settings :


Here’s the problem :

For some reason, the AO disappears in the edges of my screen? It’s like that with both ‘World Size’ and ‘Viewport Only’. This problem appeared when I introduced dynamic indirect lighting to my scene. Can they not work together? Help anyone?

It’s screenspace technique. So there is no way to know what kind of geometry there is after screenborders.
I would suggest to lower Power value somewhere between 1 and 2.

Thanks for the reply. That made the problem less visible, but also made the shadows way less visible (just made both problem and AO less noticable). Is there any other way?

Any way to increase the screenspace then? So that it renders it in a bigger area?

You could crop edges off at post process but its quite wasteful. Just try to set ssao look less striking then you usually don’t see those artefacts at all.