Download the game is free!

Ive started my latest game, Its written in C++ for the windows x64l windows 10./

If there are enough batteries to keep your computer going … then you would be well liked -

This game is difficult! I would download it just to satisfy that but it is finished finally. the lizard men to respond to casting a proximity spell -vanish and the footprints appear in the sand properly.

Download it free:

The lizard men are summoning the dragon. Remeber Earth. Become a Shaman. Help yourself leave Etin the way you found it!

Learn your first spell… dismissal… a powerful way to spice up your gaming… or get caught sleeping… turn into a horned monster in a horrible world called Etin forever.

Vanish as many lizard men as you want to with very very complex interactive graphics. - at a lower cost - avoid mismatched lizard men.

crtl-alt-delete quits the game