WebBrowser widget is supported on the TVOS platform?

I am creating an App for the TVOS platform (Apple TV) on ue4 that contains a webbrowser widget but I would like to know if this platform supports the WebBrowser widget or if it is only compatible with the windows platform?

You can look at the plugin in the plugin manager to see what Platforms it’ll work for. Or open the PluginName.uplugin file.

            "WhitelistPlatforms" :

TVOS isn’t in the list, so doesn’t look like it.

So I added TVOS to the list, I read this article: Vídeo mostra por que o tvOS não vem com o Safari – MacMagazine o-safari /
Explaining why Apple TV does not come with Safari, it says that the operating system does not have the necessary Frameworks, well, PS4 also does not have it, and the unreal engine already comes with the integrated Framework plugins, to run the webbrowser on PS4 for example it would need there are microsoft plugins of the Net Framework type, but in the article it said that Apple Tv 3 did not have UIWebView to display web pages, unreal engine does not work with this interface, I can say that the unreal engine is an operating system running inside a operating system, I have not yet tested it on my Apple, I am developing my browser for Apple Tv 4 and 5 and above with TVOS 12 AND 13, if it is compatible with TV OS it could be with TV OS since it is a version apart from IOS, but I believe it should work. Because the browser widget is so simple, it seems to me just an HTML reader, I believe that this plugin is older than the TVOS platform and was not updated.

PS4 has its own browser plugin as there are restrictions around that. If the rendering pathway isn’t setup for TVOS, it’s not going to work. You can try compiling it and see what happens, but it’s rarely as easy as “Just add the platform to the uplugin file”.

You know how to set up rendering pathway?