Weapon varible, animation & percentage of damage

I was hoping maybe someone could help me with this Weapon system I want to implement, I’ve just been having troubles thinking of how to get it done.

The basis of it is that each weapon type will have a ‘fighting experience’ variable (ex. every 200 kills it levels up), there are 5 skills in total from Clumsy to Mastered. This skill will affect the type of animation the weapon will have at the time, to mimic the idea of first learning to use a weapon and getting better with it as you continue to use it.

As well, each of these skills will determine the percentage of total attack points a weapon has, that it will use.
(Ex.Being “Clumsy” with a sword will only deal 20% of the weapons total attack points, while “Mastered” will deal its full damage.)

To summarize it;

  • Connecting each weapon with a
    variable “Fighting skill” that gains
    a point when killing an enemy
  • When the variable is between a
    certain value, it changes the
    percentage of damage a specific
    weapon can deal.
  • Attaching an animation to said
    variable value

Sorry if maybe I’m overthinking it, or if i’m over estimating what UE4 can do. I would really appreciate any help to be able to get this done.

Here is a rough set-up for something like what you’re looking for. In my example every click will increment the integer fighting skill by 1. Then it checks if the fighting skill is between 0-10. If it is it’ll apply 10 damage and play the jump animation. If it is greater than 10 clicks, it will apply 20 damage and play the running animation. Again, this is a rough setup. In your example, you’ll probably need blueprints in your enemy(to trigger the code in your weapon saying its been killed). Then your fighting Skill variable, checks, and your percentage variable in your weapon actor. Then send over that damage variable into your character and do the check to play the animation from there .