Weapon Swapping/Saving (Store and Access weapon properties)

So I decided to reach out here to get a little help/direction. I’m stuck on getting this weapon swapping system to work. I’ve been working off a few tutorials and improvising a little. I’m not at home so I cant post my current setup right now. Here’s the run down: I have 4 weapons that are assigned to the controller DPad when picked up in the world. I have ENUM and Struct setup defining types of weapons and properties each can have. The weapon pickup classes define the initial struct settings. I want to be able to assign these settings/VAR’s to specific slots. So each time a weapon is selected/swapped all the info is saved and can be retrieved from that slot based on which weapon it is.

I watched a tutorial where a guy was doing something with a two weapon system saving struct info to slots using repnotify on one of the Variables. Is this the best way to do this? I’m not getting it to work even with just the two weapon setup. Another tutorial a guy was doing some complex conditional branches on a two weapon swap that was just handling the swap/animations itself.

I feel like using ENUM/Structs is leaning to the right direction. I’ll try to post what I have later but any info is appreciated.