Weapon skeleton best practices?

Hey folks,

I’m rigging/setting up weapons in Unreal for the first time - Both guns and melee - I know basic rigging etc., but have never used Unreal before. I am wondering if anyone could share best practices for setting up weapon skeletons in Unreal and what not.

I am working in Maya Y up orientation - Have a master root bone at 0,0,0, a grip bone duplicated on top of that, and then all the other bones parented to the grip. I have basically been making my decisions based off of a FPS kit I got on the Marketplace by SB - based on skeletons/rigs/orientations. The FPS kit is great, so seems like a good place to start.

Is there a best practice for what axis/direction the gun/weapon should be forward facing?
How best to use sockets?
Are there any limitations or issues to be aware of setting up weapons/skeletons?
Downstream considerations for blueprint set up etc?
Any links to any good resources/tutorials?

So yeah, anyone that has any experience with this stuff I would really appreciate any insights, instruction, suggestions etc.

Thanks everyone!