Weapon projectyle hit with a delay

Hi. I want to make an antique rifle that hits target with a slight delay, i.e. a delay between the Player’s strike and the actual hit event, simulating a bullet that spends some time to fly towards a target.
I’m stuck at choosing the mechanics, whether to use projectiles (which I think are good for rocket launcher, but not for a flintlock, for instance, I don’t need the actual physical bullet) or a simple line trace (again good for laser guns, which is not my case, or is it?).
Would it be correct if I store the line trace starting and ending coordinates and build a trace after a delay?

Projectile is good indeed, and it was made to simulate that effect. But regarding the delay itself, you can put a “Timeline” node between the hit even and what need to be processed.


Isn’t Timeline for animation purposes? How can I use it in my case?

It is, but this is the tricky part (make a use of something to serve something else)

Just set a timeline node, with an animation duration, and it is not necessarily to animate anything, just make advantage of the animated period, and connect whatever logic you want with the “Finished” output.

There is a node called “Delay” though, but I didn’t mention it to you, as it has some problems with the very low durations (less than 0.2 or less than 0.1 seconds). But you can try it too.