Weapon Display On Server Failed

i have created a HUD and the weapon shows and everything else shows properly but on the server the weapon doesn’t
show and it gave me an error on the server
You can see everything on the images down below Help me please i’m new !

Hello Moncef,

EDIT: SHORT ANSWER: All you have to do, is ensure your character is set to replicate.

I had this issue a while back when creating an equipment system for my multiplayer characters. You have to call the Event on the server using “Switch Has Authority” Check nodes and changing the Event Replication to “Run on Server”. Here’s a screenshot of the setup I have in my Blueprint.

Basically what I did, was I called the event “Update Skeletal Mesh Clients” and It has two Input nodes, one being Target Mesh (Current Skeletal Mesh (Ex, Head) and New Mesh (New Skeletal Mesh (Ex, Helmet)
I have my character broken down into multiple Skeletal Meshes that I use to determine equipment slots. (Ex, Head, Chest, Arms, Hands, Legs, Feet) and I simply set the newly equipped Skeletal Meshes (Helmet, Shirt, Sleeves for the Shirt if Applicable, Gloves, Pants, Boots))

Then using the “Switch Has Authority” node I make sure that its running on the client and then I Set the Skeletal Mesh using the Set Skeletal Mesh Node.

Secondly I run a Server Event Called “Set the Skeletal Mesh” and that does the exact same thing as the client event except it runs it on the Server and then Updates to the Clients by calling the Update Skeletal Mesh Clients event (which by the way is ONLY called from the “Set the Skeletal Mesh” event)

You can do the same setup except, when setting the Skeletal Mesh, just apply it to the Weapon Skeletal Mesh. (Use an empty skeletal mesh component on your character, when they equip a gun, set the skeletal mesh to the gun skeletal mesh, when they are unarmed, set the skeletal mesh to empty.) I hope this helps!

Here is my weapon spawn blueprint
i did set my character to replicate and nothing happens the error is sayin that there is a problem with the viewport
you can see in the images below i really don’t know what to do

i did fix it and the weapon is showing on the server but it’s still showing a report problem after ending it about add to view port