Weapon cycle like gta5

hi guys I am trying to recreate weapon cycle like gta 5 weapon cycle in which it contain category of differece weapon by has mutliple weapon in those catergory
this my idea so in pistol category I can hold mutltiple pistol, rifle will hold multiple rifle
so i will be using datatable to hold this rifle value for this catergory but the problem is how do i get started with this.

You can switch between types of weapons by holding Tab and move the mouse to the desired weapon category on the weapon wheel, then scroll the mouse-wheel to cycle between the guns in that category .


it not that but I wanted to know how to add more number of pistol or rifle in there category so for example if I am have m4 and mk-16 which are of rifle category so i want them to be in the rifle slot of the wheel and quick switch between using mouse wheel or right direction button on gamepad.