Weapon Child Blueprinter in Multiplayer help

I can’t for the life of me get this figured out. I had a system where I spawn a weapon in, attach it to the player’s camera (no arm models yet), and set my “CurrentWeapon” variable to the newly spawned actor.

This works great for the server, but the client can’t spawn or destroy actors. Even if I do a custom even that is run on the server it won’t work. This is driving me nuts! I am just trying to have a weapon system similar to classic FPS games. I press 1, I equip a pistol, 2 SMG, 3 shotgun, etc. I have everything else working so far but the weapon system is something I can’t really find any information about online, especially replicated.

Just to clarify, you are able to spawn the weapon on the server, but it does not appear on any of the clients? If the weapon actor is set to replicate in the default settings, then it should automatically spawn for all of the clients as well.

I found out later that the client does spawn it but they can’t see it. They can use the functions attached to it, but the model never swaps. I can’t destroy the pistol BP that is attached and the grande never shows. But, getting grenade to the weapon base variable works because I can throw grenades with the pistol in hand. I have checked all of the visibility settings and made sure Owner No See and Owner Only See are both turned off.

What is the best practice to handle multiplayer weapon systems? It seems more complicated than it should be and I can’t find any good tutorials on the subject

When you say you’re attaching to the camera how are you doing it? Also remember your client “camera” probably isn’t updating on the server. So when you do that attachment (which I’m assuming) you’re attaching on the server to a camera that’s probably not in the right place. Instead of attaching to the camera attach it to the pawn with an offset.