Weapon Blueprints for my game. how?

Hello, im not that experienced with UE4 yet, but getting there.
i already messed around with ideas about weapons in UE4 but i ultimately figured i want to create a pretty basic idea of weapons using general weapon blueprints and communication between the player and the blueprint.
my first idea was pretty dumb in my opinion but was the easiest to achieve: make a blueprint for weapon pickup and once picked up, spawn a mesh to controller and make the controller camera shoot projectile on input.
problem with that - not really flexible for other weapons. each weapon has different projectile and logic and making a lot of branching for the projectile spawn in camera is really bad.

so i thought “hmm… why not make the pickup blueprint spawn a blueprint of the weapon, with its own logic and projectile and snap it to the right socket on my player then when player wants to shoot, he sends a command to the weapon blueprint and it will shoot by its own logic”
problem with that is: how do i do that?

anyways, sorry for the long post. wanted to ask if anybody have a good tutorial about a weapon system and weapon blueprints (not the simple ones from youtube when u use UE4 assets) where u can take a simple mesh and turn it into a weapon.

thanks for reading, and thanks ahead for the help.

I have something similar to this setup that I think you are looking for. When I get to my desktop later I will post up screen shots of what I have setup and see if that is what you are looking for. If not maybe I can still help figure out what it is you are looking for.