Weapon Attaching on Click

Is there a way to attach different weapons on click. I would like to have it so if i click left mouse button Primary weapons spawn and shoots and when i click right mouse button secondary weapon spawns and shoots. I was able to get the primary weapon working by applying it to player capsule component and it shoots on left mouse button. But when i right click, the animation plays fine the weapons fire fine its all in the right location, but its still my primary weapon and not the secondary weapon.

Hi rtmp04,

Can you post a screenshot of your blueprints? I may be able to get an idea for what could help you.

Are you trying to switch weapons? Did you set up the action mapping in the project settings?

Here is a shot of what i got, i am able to switch the weapon by toggle visibility but, it keeps toggling is there anyway i can get it to just toggle just once on click. 5ca7732a0daa41a78a911ed87cf4fbb62c06227f.jpeg and 0763d57d5718d35ebf35f5d6e44489e6cd8901b0.jpeg

I think (I may be wrong) you need to look at states and not this. What you could do is set up an action mapping that triggers a state. Like my character has 7 states - unarmed, pistol, shotgun, combat rifle, grenade launcher, rocket launcher, sniper rifle. The leg animations are all the same but depending on which number key I press his upper body animations change to fit the weapon he’s carrying and method of attack.

I don’t want states because there not needed, I just pull the animation, from interface, FYI the only state you need is locomotion, all other animation can be done without states. Can someone set up test blueprint with what I have and see if they can get weapon to toggle once

A figured it out thanks though