We are a team of 2 students and we are making Zombie fps game. Help Needed!

Hey guys.
I recently got unreal engine because I chose to make a game with my partner as my 3rd semester university project . I just got started with UE4.5 and made basic structures like houses and used chairs etc . I have 3 main question that are bothering me .

  1. Should I learn blender and make my own models for the zombie game?
  2. Should I code the C++ code or use blueprints? As I am fairly new to blueprints but I am looking tutorials
  3. Lastly from Where can I get materials like new chairs and stuff. Should I have to create my own?

I have like 2 months now for the completion of game and It’d be great if I’ll be assisted here a little thank you :’)

If you haven’t done so, you should talk to your adviser about these questions. There is no right answer, it depends on what your goals are for this project and what your long term goals are. Do you want to focus on programming, in which case you want to use existing models and materials when possible. On the other hand, if you want a broader focus, building your own models/materials is a useful skill and if your goal is to be a game developer, becoming an artist is one path to that goal.

You can find free 3d models and materials on the net with a google search. has many free models as do other sites. You an start with those and if time permits produce some of your own models.

C++ vs Blueprints depends on how comfortable you are with C++. If you feel you can do the work in C++, I’d suggest sticking with that because it is a skill you can use anywhere, both gaming and non-gaming world. Blueprints limits you to the UE4 engine and is not portable to other engines or to anything outside of gaming development.

In my Uni even though I am doing Computer Engineering BSc it is mandatory we do a course in game programming with animation and modeling in Maya. It became compulsory so I take it that anyone can use blender or maya to model 3D images and from what i seen, you can even draw something in paper with pencil take a photo of it and dump it in blender and from there model it. I am sure there are lots of free drawings online that you can steal aswell.

After you model it no one would ever know where you got the images from anyways.

So I would think that picking up modeling skills is very possible and useful for programmers. I mean this isn’t being an artist by nature from what I seen anyone without artistic talent can model.

  1. I personally would do that, because you wont find all types of meshes that you need
  2. It depends if you already have experience with C++, but I would go with blueprints, because they are easy to use and you can nearly do everything with them :slight_smile:
  3. I think you mean textures? You can get them from:

When you mean materials, you will have to use the ones from the Marketplace/Starter Content,… :wink: