We are 2 students from a Sweden and wondered about the best license for a project.

Hello, I am brand new to this forum and as stated we are 2 18 year olds from a Swedish gymnasium (high school).
We are currently working on a year long school project, and that project is making an fps arena shooter in Unreal 4 (this project has been approved by our project supplier/leader).
We want to work together on this project so we wondered if we could pay 20$ a month for both of us to use, or do we need 2 licenses?
Unreal states that Unreal engine 4 is supposed to be free for students but apparently it isn’t, so we wondered which would be the best license that would benefit our needs?

Hi Stickybassline,

The free subscriptions are currently limited to colleges and universities, but not highschools. You would both need to get subscriptions to develop with UE4. Remember that you do not have to have an active subscription to keep using UE4, so you only ever need to pay once. Let me know if that helps you.

Thanks for the quick answer :slight_smile: helped a lot, but where can I find all license payment alternatives? It seems that it’s scattered all around the official webpage, a 1 payment alternative is very appealing.

Right now there are only subscriptions and custom licenses. The academic subscription is a regular subscription that is simply given one free year. The custom licenses are what we offer to large companies for a large upfront payment. Let me know if that helps you.

I know I may be a little late, but you may be eligible for GitHub’s Student Pack. You can use this to get a free one-year subscription to Unreal Engine 4 for academic purposes along with some other awesome freebies.

That is available for everyone with a .edu email address, so they may be able to apply. Though, most highschools do not provide their students with a .edu email address.