Ways to improve vehicle physics in UE4 4-27

I’m new to vehicles in ue4 and want to know a few things.

So I got my vehicle (low poly monster truck) drivable using the wheeled vehicle BP and would like to know ways on how to make it handle better. Some points I was hoping to be addressed are:

  • Most Important: How to stop the car from freaking out when it lands on the wheels from the side. Whenever this happens it usually shoots up in the air and does like 80 flips before returning to the ground. If it lands somewhat up right it snaps to the ground instantly, if not it repeats the first thing. Sometimes the wheels get stuck in the ground and the car moves across it by itself.
  • How to stop car from flipping over from sharp turns
  • How to adjust acceleration
  • How to adjust handling on different materials, i.e road, sand, dirt, grass, and rock.
  • Making a good handbrake with noticeable drifting.

Sorry if some of these points seem vague, I’ll try to elaborate further if anyone asks.