Way to override CDO values with some form of config

Hey all,

Wondering what you’re thoughts are on this.

I have some AI settings that are stored on an AIController. The UPROPERTY values of which are set to use the Config keyword so that they can be loaded from the config. I set the config file values to something, but it appears that the CDO is overriding the config values after the config is read.

What I would prefer, is some way of having an ini file that allows server admins to setup the values for themselves. Or even better, a config file that allows for different settings per instance of the character (which I guess could be set in the value stored in the CDO as an index into a database of some sort).

Basically, how do you guys allow setting of some variables to NOT be set in the CDO but instead be read from the config?

If you setup config properties correctly, call LoadConfig() as the last action from within your class constructor.