WaterColor-Look Shading in UE4

I made WaterColor-Look material.



short movie

my blog(Japanese)


If you are interested in my material, please check my blog entry!


Very awesome! Any chance you can make your project available? I’m trying to follow your blog but my Japanese is next to non existent.

Excellent work - i love the effect! One of the best i have seen so far.

Hey, could you upload a few pictures of colored materials? I think it may be more obvious that your material looks like watercolor, because in your two screenshot it’s not very noticable; the first one doesn’t look like watercolor at all (because of the noise), and the second one is hard to notice.

On your blog entry it’s more obvious. But granted, watercolor is extremely difficult, because of the fading and the different colors flowing into each other.

I think if you remove the noise completely, it will look a lot more like watercolor. Anyway, thanks for sharing. I am looking forward to see more of your work in future; gonna follow you on Twitter. :slight_smile:

Thanks for coming! When I have some time, I’m going to try to translate my blog entry to English!

and, I added some gif and image.




In addition, I used this site as reference.