Water detection

I have created a water swim volume that the player character swims through just fine. However, any other pawns or characters I place in the water volume do not apparently detect they are in water. They will move as long as they have land based movement in the movement component, however, if that is turned off, they do not move. In other words, if they only have swimming available and only have movement capability when in water, they no longer move. I know that the water volume is fine, because it works for the player controlled character. Any ideas?

Sorry to dig up an old post but I have run into this exact issue as well. My controlled character interacts with the water volume properly. I also have a Pawn with a Character Movement component (swimming enabled) that’s controlled by AI that I can’t get it to interact with the water volume. When I drag another copy of the player blueprint into the water volume (this instance not controlled by a player controller) he doesn’t interact, just like the AI controlled pawn. Is it something in the player controller blueprint that’s allowing this? I have double checked all of the collision settings and everything is set to overlap each other. I have tested this in a clean Third Person Blueprint with a controlled pawn and an uncontrolled pawn with the same results. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!