Water and other extrusions within a terrain

Good Evening,

i was wondering how I could achieve something like this:

as you can see there is water in the terrain which was placed in real-time. How do I get this kind of effect?
My idea was to create a UProceduralMeshComponent and hide a face if the player creates the water like so:

Terrain without water

Player created water

The water component which gets placed to the hidden face from the terrain

But is this the real/good way of doing this, for me it seems quite uncomfortable.


The top example looks more like some kind of mask. This may be a starting point.

Thanks for your fast reply :open_mouth: Unfortunately, I havent recieved an email thats why I reply after a couple of weeks. Forgive me.

Your link really looks interresting but this would only work for this kind of issue. (Maybe) And yeah as I review my question I also would understand it like so.

I am willing to admit that the picture did not showed the perfect(complete) example of what problem I have. The game which I am talking about also extrudes up and as you can see in the waterfall it’s doing this for each face individual which is then still planar.

So I have made a clearer one:


And I came up with this idea. I create a procedural mesh component and it generates initially a plane where all faces are extruded without connection. So then you can lift each face individually up and down:


Or should I just create many blocks (like minecraft) and scale them for my needs?