WASD or Mouse for Top Down Stealth?

Hi Community!

We are still developing RUN. And yesterday we were discussing the topic:
-> WASD or Mouse movement?

For those who don’t know, RUN is a stealth action game with puzzling levels.

We would like to know: Which movement style do you thnk it’s better for a Top Down Stealth game? WASD or Mouse?

You can check a prototype of RUN’s gameplay: - YouTube

We want to polish our game and deliver an unique experience. And know a bit more ideas from you

Thank you :smiley:

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I’d go with both; WSAD for movement, mouse for player orientation. This setup allows you to comfortably. map the same control scheme to a gamepad’s analogue sticks.

I agree with ambershee.
Don’t know if you ever played Alien Swarm but that game got it right (imo) with a mix of WASD for movement and mouse for orientation and shooting.