Want my character cam to follow mouse. Having a real hard time.

At the moment, my character only changes direction when I click and drag my mouse (left or right click). The mouse is visible until I click and drag.
I want the mouse to be visible only when the inventory screen is up and I want the player to move with the mouse much like any first person shooter.

I have tried different ways to do this, but it seems I am overlooking some sort of setting because, if I delete all of my character blueprints, the click and drag option still remains (of course, it doesn’t move the camera without blueprints.)

Can you think of some setting that I might be missing?

In your playercontroller defaults you got a property “show mouse cursor”. Disable it, and it should react as expected. You can set this property to true when the inventory comes up, and set it to false again when the inventory is closed.