Wallcrawler AI/interaction.

In my head I have been building up the idea on how to implement my wallcrawler.

The easiest way to imagine these are like any kind of enemy following the surface of a wall or platform in any kind of platform game.

Collision volume to specifiy the body collision itself.

Three rays.
One short down in the middle of the body, will check distance to surface for it’s grab the wall side, will move the object to stay firmly and close to the surface, if the ray catch nothing, gravity does it’s thing.

One short down closer to the front. If this one hit nothing we have reached an edge and we should start rotating forward untill we get a contact.
One short forward. If this hit something we know we have come to some kind of wall surface sticking up infront of us. we should rotate backwards, exposing our underside to the wall, and keep rotating untill we no longer have a contact.

Haven’t actually had time to test this, but I think the logic is sound.
Might need to do some magic, maybe query some normals from the surface to allign it more proper.

Anyone se any overhanging flaws for this?

I haven’t seen anything on this for UE4 yet but I do know that with UDK it was a HUGE thing to implement. This was because the gravity in UDK was set to ‘down’ period. You might be able to find something about it if you search though, I think a few people came up with somewhat workable solutions but nobody ever got the character to rotate the correct way.