Wall Jump - Not working, Blueprint issues? Any advice would be much appreciated.


I’m working on a wall jumping mechanic for a team project for my degree. I followed this tutorial over at; but I can’t get mine to work for some reason.

The only things that I have changed from the tutorial are the values and I had to add in an ‘On Ground’ variable because prior to that the player could just continuously jump in the air.

Here’s an image of the Blueprints (attached or imgur link: that I set up related to the mechanic - if anyone knows where I’ve gone wrong I would be forever grateful!

  1. Yes.

I removed the On Ground variable - that was something I tried to put in to fix it, now it’s gone back to the state where pressing space bar multiple times will continiouslt launch the character in the air. I think it’s something to do with the highlighted node in the image but I can’t figure out how to make it work like it should.