Wall Jump Blueprint Complete - Need opinions!

I’ve completed my wall jump blueprint and was hoping I could get some insight as to my technique.

There are a couple of questions I had as well …

Is there a way to return a true/false function rather than using the Branch node? In my blueprint you’ll notice I run a custom event which sets a variable, then I check that variable after. Is there a way to skip the variable all together and just return true/false from the event?

Can you view a sprite’s dimensions (eg width x height) in a blueprint?

My Sprite/Character controller is 50x50. Which is why on the tracing I’m using 27.5 out as trace starts from the center of the Sprite.

Here is my blueprint. Anyone may use.

full res images: http://vpben.byethost8.com/share/unreal/

PS: I can’t seem to enlarge my screen captures after uploading them. Is this just on my end or are others not able to see them full size?

Bumping this once. :slight_smile:

Can’t open the images : (

That was the first question I asked in this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Also here is a link to high-res captures of the blueprint.

in learn tab , there is Unreal Stick Figure 2D project ,zak used a good technique for wall jump , take a look at it

You do’t need those “==” nodes. Simply attach CanJump to the Branch pin…
And yes, you can pass parameters on custom events:

Thanks, I will look into that document. I found the function one as well.

Can you not add a single return node multiple times?

I can’t seem to add more than one.

There are multiple checks, some that will return true some false but I don’t understand how this can be accomplished.