Walking sound without skeletal mesh?

I can’t use a skeletal mesh because of the reflections it would make. So is there another way to create a walking sound?

I’m confused, if you can’t see a mesh, where are the sounds coming from? What would a viewer see making those sounds?
If the answer is, something invisible, then can you not have prerecorded footstep sounds that you trigger to play?

You could add a sound to your movement input keys.

Btw the First Person project has a view for first person, and you could remove the arm, and or any reflections (lightning related)

You could just make the mesh invisible, and then use notifies in Persona to fire the footsteps as per usual.

Thanks for the suggestions but I decided to rather reconstruct the whole game and import a mesh. Now it’s all animated and I have also added the footsteps and everything´s done now :slight_smile: