walking on up side down walls

Hi there…
so I am totally stuck with this one…
I have a character that is able to walk on walls that are completly upside down, rotated, flipped…I can have my character walking on a helix kind of shape and that works all great…
now my mind is starting to get cooked because I also have a camera that I can control by mouse… much like the third person example that comes with UE4.
When I press right, the character moves right…when I press up, the character moves away from the player. etc Screenbased controls.

This all is much like Mario galaxy but I am kind of lost in terms of gamedesign what the most common way is to control a character that it stil ‘feels’ correct when hitting WASD.
I can rotate my camera in such a way that hitting D wil end up moving y character away from the player instead of keep moving right.

Has anyone done this before? What would be the best most common way to control a character in these crazy worlds? My controls are limited to WASD and mouse input.
So, this is more a game design question then code.
Looking forward for any help…been stuck with this for a while now.
Regards! T