Walk/Run animation loop starting in passing position


I’m a beginning animator trying to wrap my brain around things and was wondering…

I noticed the walk/run animations for the Hero guy in the content examples starts and ends its loop on the passing (where one foot is passing the other) position.

Is there a technical reason for this? Is it done this way to make blending between animations look better?

from my experience its just easier to animate this way because otherwise you have to calculate distance between legs etc, so it’s just more convenient and fast.

yeah ive imported one or two walk animations from another software and found they had no trouble so i think as long as the animation “loops” you should be fine.

Cool, thanks for the replies guys! Yeah, I’m not actually having any problems or anything like that, but I’m trying to wrap my brain around blend spaces with walk/run/idle type of stuff, and trying to zero in on things that will cause me more/less problems as I move further into my development. My walk animations started looping on the extremes, and I noticed the UE4 hero is on the pass, so I thought, OK, maybe I’m doing it wrong here – still looked OK, but blend spaces were looking kinda funky when I started blending idle/walk, but I’m chalking that up to me not setting up the blend space optimally.