Walk backwards if input is 180 degrees from current facing angle via Blueprint

In Blueprint, I am using Add Movement Input for moving the character, left, right and forwards. My question is really… how do I limit those movements if I am facing North East and want to make him walk backwards, my input would be the 180degree equlivelent of that i.e SouthWest. Is there a way to clamp off the rotations so tat I could have my character walk backwards?

I assume you’re making a third person game? If so, take a look at the thread below. I was trying to achieve something similar, but with strafing too. My last post should give you what you need.

Well I am going for a fixed angle, isometric style, so its really a comparison I need to make with the players current angle and the controller angle… then I need to override the whole yaw tweening that makes him rotate. I am getting there by thought, I know what I need to do its just making it happen that is tricky.

You link will help me though, thanks.