wacom cintiq incorrect handling in unreal editor

when i use my wacom cintiq 24hd stylus, it functions poorly, as if i am using a mouse, with “relative” positioning (best way i can describe it). for example, in a bare-bones empty project, i drop in a couple of bsp objects, and if i attempt to drag a selection marquee around items in the editor, the marquee does not keep up with the stylus tip dragging in the editor, and i am unable to complete the selection. if i switch over to a mouse or trackball or other input device, selection works as expected.

this problem carries over to other functions, like if i try to drag selected vertices, the dragging behavior doesn’t respond at all, then at some point during the dragging motion, the vertices jump much more than the snapping is set for.

i am thus unable to use my cintiq as anything but a basic display in unreal editor.

anything i can do to resolve this?

mac pro
ue 4.8
wacom cintiq 24hd w/ latest drivers

there doesn’t really seem to be a good forum section for this issue, so i am posting it here.

Does the cursor line up correctly in other programs when you use the Cintiq?
I would think that UE4 is connecting to the mouse system of the OS, so it’s not necessarily an issue with UE4 supporting the Cintiq.
You can try recalibrating the Cintiq where it displays points on the screen that you tap with the pen to indicate where they are.

yeah, i use the cintiq with pretty much every other application that i use (toonboom harmony, adobe cc suite, modo, zbrush, apple motion, etc.) and the stylus tracking is as-expected. i do the calibration from time to time and it is lined up correctly with everything else.

to be clear, the problem only seems to manifest once i start marquee-selecting and dragging items on screen. let’s say i use a mouse to click and drag a vertex 2 inches across the screen. with the mouse or a trackball, this works – the object tracks 1:1 with the mouse. if i try to do this with my cintiq stylus, the vertex does not properly follow as i drag – it’s like it has a delay to even start moving, then it has an incrementing “lag” where the selection marquee or item i am attempting to move is no longer even near the stylus tip on the screen. once i am two inches away from the point i started dragging the vertex/marquee from, the vertex/marquee edge is an inch “behind” my stylus tip.

the issue most resembles the cintiq going into mouse/relative position mode, but it isn’t in mouse mode.

i agree that it is weird that it wouldn’t “just work” as the OS does with the mouse behavior (like everything else). ableton live actually used to exhibit this problematic behavior with a cintiq or intuos tablet, and they seem to have fixed it (or at least they now auto-include the optional script that resolves the issue that they provided in the past). something about live’s custom UI model, i think that it hijacked the normal mouse behavior or something – dragging a fader up or down was impossible, the stylus tracking was unusable. unreal editor might be doing this same kind of input override too, to compensate for all of the controller modes it has to support (?) or a requirement of the interface panel mechanisms?