VXGI - Vray like shadows?

Hi guys,

I’m experimenting with VXGI in UE4. Got some great results but something is missing.
I’ve attached an image with a comparrison from ue4 and vray.

Is it possible to achieve the kind of shadow thats underneath the chair in the vray render in ue4?
I’ve got those hard black shadows that I would like to be more subtle. I’ve got cascaade shadows maps.

I read about distance field shadows but can’t seem to get good results with it. I activated it in the project settings but
the quality is very bad. The shadows in ue4 are really dark is there a way to change that?

I’m trying to get the most realistic results as possible.

Hope you can help me out!


It looks to me that you just need to change the angle of the directional light for the sun–in your Vray render it looks like the light is not angled to go through the window and you’re just getting illumination from the sky which will give you softer shadows.

It looks like you are missing the ambient occlusion part. On the left image nothing is grounded because it’s missing the AO.

I know VXGI also comes with a VXAO part, have you tried playing around with that?

Somehow i can’t seem to get VXAO working. I checked it in the post process volume but nothing changes.

Hello, mind sharing your vxgi settings?