VXGI.. sounds pretty awesome!

So I’ve been following Nvidia’s stream, and the announcement of the GTX 970/980, and VXGI it’s been mentioned several times that VXGI is going to be supported by UE4. Has anyone at Epic been able to mess around with it yet? I only ask this because it sounds like an Nvidia plugin they are/have ported over.

I didn’t see much in terms of practical application, but it definitely sounds pretty awesome; in specific, one of their “distinguished” engineers said that lasers, flaming swords, and huge explosions benefit from VXGI a great deal - unfortunately, looking for something to back this up is a little difficult at the moment!

I did however find this clip of the lunar landing done with VXGI: Maxwell-Techdemo: VXGI (Voxel Global Illumination) - YouTube

Here’s a promo video, and I believe that some of the effects later in the video are done with VXGI, but I can’t say for sure: The Journey of Maxwell - YouTube

Anyways, thought this was interesting and thought I might share / see if anyone else had something to add.

This is very exciting :slight_smile: . But I wonder why epic hasn´t written an official post about this. Nvidia says, it will be available in UE4 in Q4, so that is very soon. I´m also a bit confused about the new GTX 980 which theys mention in this context. Will it only run with this modern graphics card? :-/

These not very expensive though.

If their charts are to be believed, it will run without the 900 series cards, but it’s significantly faster with them. As for the lack of an announcement, probably they were just under NDA, Nvidia probably wanted to hold off on announcing it until the cards launched.

Yes, Daniel, that is possible. Well, I´m looking forward to this :slight_smile:

Here is response by Ray Devis, there is no annoucment because such thing is not happening on Epic side. Any integration at this point is at courtesy of Nvidia, and unless they make it public, there won’t be any easy access to it.

I guess it will be made public solely because adoption rate of GI works seems to be exactly none.

VXGI will run on all card 6xx series and higher, the difference here is that the 9xx series were optimized for this feature to improve performance. I have to say though, really pleasantly surprised with the price on these cards, I was not expecting them to be this much cheaper than a 780 ti.


That is interesting.

That is indeed very interesting! Hope some of the code ninja’s on the forums sign up for this!

Really like the fact that all of this new tech coming out is being featured using UE4 as well, makes me feel good about the future of UE4 (not that I had any doubts). :slight_smile:

Won’t this be exclusive to Nvidia cards?

No @Stefan.

These new graphics cards are optimized to the technique and will deliver max. quality. But the tech can be used in older cards and other GPUs as well, since the technique scales up/down, according to the article I saw.

Well I have to say were just going to have to see how this pans out, In microsofts blog post there was no mention about AMD kit being compatible with this so called dx12 specific build of UE4. I have to say my immediate response is I dont like the idea of different code versions of UE4 dx12 access based on Microsoft deciding if you get access or not, If Epic have been doing this work towards dx12 then it should be readily available for all UE4 subscribers. If not you’ve just built a two tear development platform that disadvantages all other devs that are not CHOSEN to be part of the first access program (which means no doubt big company’s get a head start on Indies, equalling an unfair advantage).

What’s the point being an Indie dev subscriber just to be paying for the large studio’s to get access before they do. Hope Epic will make clear whats the situation here, All subscribers not being given access to this at the same time means whats the point being a subscriber. We have access to epics daily code builds as it is, why should it be accepted that it shouldn’t continue to be the case with DX12 Alpha builds?

Actually, since UE4 code is open, Microsoft can implement the DX12 features on that and don’t distribute to everyone, this doesn’t means that Epic is involved in building this version, since I understood that MS made this version to showcase the DX12 features using UE4 and was inspired by the Epic open-source initiative and will distribute the source to a few selected users.

And DX features are avaliable only to plataforms that support DirectX - so as I remember isn’t a cross-plataform tech.

As much as I agree with it you must consider two things:

  1. DX12 is till not available to the public.
  2. So there is no public drivers that would support DX12.

DX12 is still property of Microsoft and I guess even if Epic want to dump sources on github and make available to everyone, I’m sure they are under NDA to do not disclose DX12 libraries.

If we are really about blame anyone it can by only Microsoft.

What does annoy me more though, is this entire NVIDIa bullcrap, about DX11.3 and their policy about drivers.
Let me make something clear. Thing which is called Tiled Volume Resources is nothing else, but continued implementation of ARB_sparse_texture in DirectX.
sparse_textures are supported since GTX 5xx and Radeon 7xxx.

There is nothing preveting NVIDIA to make this “new” feature of DX11.3 available on older GPUs.

I say it this way. NVIDIa if you want people to adopt you technologies (like GameWorks), stop artificially holding features to only newest GPUs, while you older GPUs are capeable of such things for years. Reality is sad, but 80% of players won’t to to PC store and throw money at your newest GPU.
And that means, game developers won’t use features that can’t be used by those players.

Sorry but this business with Tiled Volume Resources, make me really snap.

They may open it up at a later date if we push hard enough. But it will be a while yet until we start to see games released with these features.

But I would like to say the same thing to Microsoft. DX12 better work on more than just Windows 9 when it releases! no excuses! Okay one excuse I would be OK with that I have heard Microsoft will no longer be charging for OS’s starting with ver 9. If that is the case, then I have no issues. I still haven’t forgot about Vista being the only OS you can use the new DX on… That was a really low blow MS

That’s Kinda my point, I would prefer that Epic were involved with Kronos group working on code for OpenGL Next platform (which is the equivalent of DX12, which also isnt a platform yet). We all know that what will happen is what happened with dx11, that new features will only be available for users that buy the newest version of windows. That’s why there is such work going on into OpenGL and hardware platforms like Valve’s steam machine’s etc. People dont want Microsoft dictating what features can be added (which is why development work always uses OpenGL, Not DX). They don’t want to be locked into one OS, and sucked into constant OS upgrades just to support new hardware features.

If Microsoft like they said in that Blog post want to be part of the Open based initiative of Epic’s UE4 they should take a note out of OpenGl’s book and make DX12 Multi OS and Open source to run on all platforms. If not it’s just the same old same old microsoft who messed up the games market in the first place. Microsoft you have so much money WHY wouldn’t you be willing to open up DX12 to all platforms? If their not willing to fix the mistakes they made in the past then i would FAR prefer effort from Epic going into the OpenGL Next Program.

The first techno demo on DirectX 12 Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube dx12 tech demo.

What’s DX12 about that?

Visually ? Prolly nothing. But it’s current version of UE4 running on DX12.

I wonder if we will get DX12 with technical preview of Windows 9, next month.