VXGI scalability and test projects ?

Is VXGI available in stock 4.13 ?

Is it possible to make VXGI look okay’ish and run fast on average PC/XB1 ?

Are there any test projects available for UE4 ?

Are there any tutorials about VXGI ?

Thanks beforehand

You can’t use VXGI with Xbox One, it’s PC only. To be able to use it you have to download the Nvidia VXGI branch of UE4 and compile the editor from there.

I see. Doesn’t UE4 have any official real-time GI (besides LPV) ?

No, it’s difficult to get a good dynamic GI system that works well, much less one that works on consoles.

Any hacks available in UE4 have some kind of “dynamic” GI ? :slight_smile:

I am thinking of how to lit run-time generated dungeons (made with Dungeon Architect).

There’s Distance Field GI, but I don’t know whether that works with Xbox: