VXGI -- Possible for non coders?

Hi All.
I just came across this amazing post about VXGI

I did a search and see a number of big threads, but nothing specifically about this. If I’ve missed it my apologies.

Question is, is it possible to implement VXGI for non coders? I downloaded it but it looks like it’s only for the very technically proficient. Does that sound right?

I have a great video card and am just doing art visualizations, so I’m trying to figure out if there are any easy(ish) ways to include it in the engine.

Thanks for any tips.

its real easy. you just download a branch that has vxgi included (lots on these forums) and follow the instructions. basic flow is download zip> extract> run setup.bat> run GenerateProjectFiles.bat >load project file in visual studio> right click and hit build> wait 40mins to an hour.
thats it, you will have a new engine install with vxgi and any other gameworks you want. i use this one…IDIA.GameWorks

also that link is a terrible example. all the non vxgi images have little to no lighting setup

hey @ixicalibur thank you again for the help. I’m going to try this tonight.

nps mate anytime :smiley: