VXAO in VXGI mode

Hi guys, I’m trying to use NVidia’s VXAO in my project. My setup: - Official VXGI build from NVidia. - Basic VXGI setup by enabling VXGI Diffuse, VXGI Ambient (it’s VXAO), VXGI Specular, without tweaking anything. - PBR material, all has VXGI checked. - Skylight set to dynamic and has VXGI checked. - SSAO turned off by setting intensity of “Ambient Occlusion” in Post-Processing to 0. - Pretty much everything is basic.

The problem I’m having is that the AO works fine in standalone mode, i.e. I use the “r.VXGI.AmbientOccolusionMode 1” (the left hand side screenshot), but if I try to use it together with VXGI, i.e. use it within the “VXGI Ambient” section of the VXGI settings, it doesn’t work at all (the right screenshot, which only has diffusion and specular, not AO). Am I missing something very basic here?