Vsync blocked a 30 FPS

When I activate VSync via my game menu, I do not do 60 FPS, but 30 FPS. I have a 60 Hz monitor

I also tried to uninstall the graphics engine

Look up how vsync works. If you can’t maintain 60fps, it will halve down to 30. If you can’t maintain 30, it will halve down to 15, and so on.

What kind of fps do you get with vsync turned off?

There are some monitors and TV sets which HDMI connections can only handle 30 FPS at certain resolutions (lets say 4K for HDMI), so it is not just a matter of what your configuration can do, but also your graphics card and monitor. Let us know which is the GPU model, which port at the GPU is used for connection with monitor and monitor specifications (model is fine), so we could tell you what is going on.

Good point. He could be running at 4k 30hz over an HDMI.

Right click desktop
Display settings
Click 1 or 2 or whatever monitor is your active monitor
Toward the bottom, click advanced settings
Tell us what the refresh rate says