VS2019 does not compile code

I am copyed code from UE4.26 “First Person Shooter Tutorial” documentation section into VS019 code. Code worked succesfully, but on the page " Implementing Projectiles" VS2019 became unable to build project, telling about errors, such as:

|E1455|member function declared with ‘override’ does not override a base class member

|E0147|declaration is incompatible with void AFPSCharacter::SetupPlayerInputComponent(UIComponent *PlayerInputComponent) (declared at line 34 of D:\UNREAL PROJECTS\FPSPROJECT\FPSPROJECT\SOURCE\FPSPROJECT\FPSCharacter.h)

|C2660|‘UInputComponent::BindAxis’: function does not take 2 arguments

|C2672|‘UInputComponent::BindAction’: no matching overloaded function found

|C2671|‘AFPSCharacter::SetupPlayerInputComponent’: static member functions do not have ‘this’ pointers

Code is similiar to documentation tutorial. I tried a lot of stuff from internet, but this problem stands as invincible to all my efforts.
Could anybody tell what this can be?

Take a good look at your SetupPlayerInputComponent function in your FPSCharacter.cpp file.

I think you forgot a “,” in there somewhere between “this” and the “function call”.

If you can’t find the error, upload the code for that function.