VS2015 not recognized from "GenerateProjectFiles.bat"

Hello everyone,

Had to reinstall my PC, so I jumped straight to installing UE4 now, and I’ve downloaded and installed VS2015 Community Edition from the official website. Everything was fine and VS ran. But when I downloaded the github repo with UE4 and downloaded the required files, I started the GenerateProjectFiles.bat and had an error that There is no valid 2012 or 2013 VS installation found. Weird because I was using 2015 with UE4 for a very long time now.

So googled for the problem and found out several solution which none of them worked for me:

  • Making sure that Visual C++ and Common Tools are checked when installing VS2015 (they weren’t so I installed them) - didn’t work
  • Adding VS140COMMONTOOLS variable to the environment variables - added it, didn’t work
  • Checking the registry that the InstallDir key is correct - it was correct.

Well… I restarted the PC also, but that didn’t work either. Is there any other solution?

Best regards,