VR- Unreal Engine - Nexus 5X

Hi All

I have a decent phone and had a taste of VR with the Gear VR. I would VERY much like to develop a virtual environment in the Unreal Engine and be able to use it using the Android OS on my Nexus 5X. It does not have to be complex at all (at first). If I could just make a field of grass with the sun shining. Then move it to my phone. And then pop my phone into a Google cardboard and just look around at my field and the sun, I would then feel that I am on board and on to something. I have been trying to gather info and finding it confusing with a lot of contradictions.

I guess, my first question is: Is this possible?

I would eventually like to make something like this video:

Also, do I need the Android SDK to do this?