VR Textures and Depth

Hey guys,
I am doing a negotiated masters and i am building a VR environment. For one of my Units i am doing a research project and it is based on getting the best detail out of textures as normals look flat in VR. So i did a simple test looking at Normals, Bump offset, Parallax and Tessellation displacement. I would like some advice on what you guys think what is the best way to get depth from textures. The texture wall looks a bit off as i made everything in Photoshop. For me Bump offset and Parallax looks the best and i will only be using this on building textures and things around that size anything smaller i will use normals only. The first image is normal then bump, parallax and tessellation and for the walls its only bump and parallax. For the wall pics it goes bump offset and then parallax. I am rather rusty on this part of the pipeline as i focus mainly on animation and i followed 3D motion tutorial displacement vs parallax. Here is the map i did my test in i am using version 4.14

I am at work so i can’t upload any pictures but if you follow the link to my Polycount post the pictures are posted there