VR template: teleport on stick input, NOT stick press

really simple question, I want teleport to work like many oculus titles, show gizmo when you move your stick up or down, and teleport when you release it.

first part I did easily, in the project input settings I replaced the motion controller thumbstick input for motion controller thumbstick Y axis. the problem is that when I release the thumbstick, the rotation of the gizmo returns to the initial state right before I teleport, so I always teleport forward.

how can I make this work?

update: I think I’m into something. I realized that if you use the action event of pushing the stick axis, it would only trigger a release event when it’s zeroed so it would never work, unless I added some sort of delay into the teleport rotation, which would introduce all sorts of problems.

so I figured I should trigger the stick release event when inside some sort of deadzone, since it would still not be zeroed. did some code with a gamepad and print strings for debugging, still haven’t implemented it into the VR template and the motion controllers.

think this could work?