Vr.SpectatorScreenMode 4.17 vs 4.18

I want to capture some sequences with Fraps from the Vive. I have two projects. One was made in 4.17 and one in 4.18. In both projects I´m using SingleEyeCroppedToFill mode as default to capture. Both modes differ significantly in both engines. In 4.17 there are larger black bars on the left and right while the image is perfectly sharp. In 4.18 the bars are smaller but the image is pretty blurry. Also for some reason the 4.17 project is captured in 2160x1200 wich is the vive default resolution while my monitor is only 1920x1200. The 4.18 project is captured in my default monitor resolution. See attached screenshots. Idealy I would like the 4.18 project to behave exactly like the 4.17 one. May I misconfigured something ? Any help is much appreciated.

I’m not sure, but is far is i remember 4.18 resets r.ScreenPercentage console variable to 100. Try to set it to 135-140. And your 4.17 frame looks like larger crop when 4.18. Don’t know why it happens with the same spectator screeen mode.